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"A minister may fill his pews, his communion roll, the mouths of the public, but what that minister is on his knees in secret before God Almighty, that he is and no more."

- John Owen


Steve Sherman, Pastor

Pastor Steve is thankful for being raised in a Christian family who taught him the Word. At a young age, Steve was saved by God's grace. Later, after beginning a bachelor's degree in computer science, Steve's direction in life was changed as the Lord called him to full-time pastoral ministry. Steve was trained for the ministry..

Santos Jared.2.jpg

Jared Santos, Deacon

Jared was born in the Philippines and moved to the U.S. with his family as a child.  He grew up with the Bible continually being taught in their family.  He memorized verses, professed faith in Christ, and even wanted to be a pastor.  However, in his teen and young adult years, he lived an ungodly life of debauchery...

Santos Boyce.jpg

Boyce Santos, Treasurer

Johnson Dorian 1.JPG

Dorian Johnson, Elder

Dorian is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Although he grew up in church, Dorian was brought to saving faith in Christ while a student at Brown University.  Dorian has worked in higher education administration for over 15 years, working in New York City for most of that time.  While commuting home on a bus from NYC, he was introduced...

Sherman Dennis.jpg

Dennis Sherman, Elder

Dennis (Pastor Steve's father) was raised in the San Diego area, and was blessed with parents and grandparents who taught him God's Word and who made sure his family was in a Bible-preaching church. At age 6, Dennis repented of his sin and trusted Jesus Christ. Believing the Lord wanted him to serve as a missionary or pastor...

Patole Shalom.jpg

Shalom Patole, Deacon

Shalom was born into a believing Christian family in India and was taught the gospel from a young age.  Growing up, Shalom tried to earn salvation through good works.  But during his teenage years, God took hold of his heart and showed him that he was incapable of saving himself.  Being...


André Hayes, Deacon

André grew up in Queens, NY.  Attending a Christian school, he learned as a young child that Jesus is God.  But after transferring to a public school, he responded to bullying and violence by trying to be worse than everything and everybody that frightened him.  Around the age of 20, André heard the gospel...


Esther Sherman, Children's Ministry Leader

Greatorex Fiona.JPG

Fiona Greatorex, Women's Fellowship Leader

Iluminado "Boyce" Santos is a native of the Philippines. The Lord saved him in the mid 80's through the reading of the Gospel of Matthew in a Gideon Bible given to him in high school. Boyce's favorite portion of Scripture is the Sermon on the Mount, for it was especially this portion that the Holy Spirit used to convict...

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Liz Scardino, Administrative Assistant

Esther grew up in California in a Christian home where she heard of her need for Jesus. Around age 11, Esther believed she was a sinner in need of the Savior, and received from the Lord a desire to learn more about Him, along with a...

Cucurillo Vincent.JPG

Vince Cucurillo, Evangelism Coordinator

Fiona is a native of Australia.  Though Fiona grew up in a large Roman Catholic family, she knew she could never be right with God on her own.  At the age of 17, she was saved through the witness of a beach mission team.  When she was shown Romans 5 & 6, the lights went on and she believed in Christ for salvation.  Fiona then attended the .....

Liz grew up in Northern Virginia. Although she attended church regularly and knew some facts about God, she had never read the Bible and had many false assumptions about what it contained. She believed the lie that everyone is a good person yet was burdened with trying to be at peace with God...

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